The very first line in the Bible reads like this:
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
This short sentence—just ten words—is rich in meaning.
 What does this sentence tell us?
Well, first and foremost, it tells us that God existed before the world.
It tells us that He creates.
And when we think about world around us—the skies, the land, and the sea—it tells us that what He created is BEAUTIFUL!
We are beautiful.
We are His creations. And He has created us to His
And so my new blog
Butterfly’d: Unfurling Glory In an Ordinary Life begins.
This blog is equal parts testimony, inspiration, encouragement, and practical advice as to how to unveil God’s glory in our lives, to the fullness He intended.
Like God, who created us in His own image, we are creative beings. And there is a whole world out there with whom to share our creativity to His glory.
Will you join me on this adventure?



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