In my last blog (click here to read it), I shared that we got a second offer on our house within days of the first buyers pulling out of our deal. As our departure date loomed, we waited on pins and needles and prayed that this second deal would go through. 

For over a year, I had been intensely looking at properties on the east coast. My husband had struggled with envisioning what he would do there even though we had talked at length about starting a ministry together and having a place that we could welcome those in music, writing, and pastoral ministry who needed a quiet place to retreat and recharge. 

With my husband’s job offer, all that went out the window. Not only were we moving to a different province than we first envisioned, he would be working full time and that would be his focus for the indefinite future. Our new home needed to meet the reality of our current needs, not the future dream, which was now going to be put on the back burner indefinitely. 

My husband’s new place of employment dictated where we would live. I kissed my dream home in Pictou, Nova Scotia good-bye, but trusted that God had a better plan for us for this season of our life. 

My online search for a new house intensified once our home went up for sale. We hired a real estate agent in our new community to help us find a home there. 

We had considered putting our possessions in storage and renting a place when we got to the east coast. But these are extraordinary times. After waffling back and forth weighing the pros and cons, we decided to buy a house sight unseen. It was risky, but we had a measure of peace of mind knowing that we would have a safe place to go to directly as the world awaited the second wave of COVID. 

For all the missteps, delays, frustrations, and disappointments we had experienced since this whole journey began, the one thing that went virtually without a hitch was the purchase of our new home. We had put an offer in the day I saw it listed—we had to move quickly as our new home was in one of the hottest real estate markets in Canada—and by midnight, our offer was accepted. We had a deal, and just as important, something concrete for which to look forward. 

I was excited and incredibly grateful, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, early on in this whole journey, the Lord had spoken to me to go and “take the land."

Making it possible to “take the land” with virtually no opposition was the fulfilment of His promise to us. 

Praise God that He always keeps His promises. 

We had now purchased a house on the east coast. We had a solid offer on our house. 

Our plans were set into motion, with no turning back. We had to trust that our house sale would go through. 

Nonetheless, I could not forget that ahead of us was one of our greatest challenges of this whole journey: how to travel across Canada safely in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

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