It’s been less than 24 hours since we brought our new 2.1-kg bundle of joy into our home. And I am bone tired! 

I’m not sure whether my exhaustion is from travelling over 1000 km by car for a very short but busy vacation/business trip in one province, followed almost immediately by driving another 1000 km to another province to pick up our puppy, all in less than six days. Perhaps my feeling of tiredness has come from sitting in the back seat of a car carefully holding a frightened-alert and no doubt confused pup who didn’t sleep a wink the entire 7-hour journey home leaving me feeling as bewildered as he looked. Or perhaps the exhaustion has come from having my steady, placid, well-controlled life at home turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Whatever the reason, I just know that this is going to be a marvellous adventure like no other, one in which my husband and I are “in it” together. 

From the moment the breeder’s daughter boldly strode over to me and placed a blue-blanket-wrapped, quivering ball of (mostly) brown fur in my arms, I was hooked. With just one look in my puppy’s piercing blue eyes, I knew he was a one-of-a-kind treasure that would change our lives forever. 

Getting to finally own a puppy of our own was both a journey and a sudden answer to prayer. Our names were on a waiting list for months and months for a puppy from one province; only to have the sale cancelled last minute because of a problem with the litter. For some reason I felt peace—that God’s hand was on this situation; it simply wasn’t meant to be. So I shrugged my shoulders and trusted that the right puppy would come at the right time. 

Less than two months later, everything suddenly fell into place. We became aware of a new website. There was a Scripture on the home page—was that a sign? We found out that a puppy was unexpectedly available when a client in British Columbia backed out at the last minute. The breed was a small dog, much more to my liking than the medium-sized one we were originally planning to adopt. And although we couldn’t pick him up right away—8 weeks is typical—the breeder was willing to hold him until we could fit it into our schedule to travel. 

It was no wonder that, after great deliberation, we settled on the name Theo—God given—for our 11-week-old bundle of joy. 

“God-given” indeed. He has already been a blessing. 

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Stay tuned for more about our journey with our puppy! Next week I will reveal a photo of Theo in all his glory! 

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