This past weekend Theo had his first play date at our house, with his “niece”—my son and daughter-in-law’s two-year-old Wheaten Terrier! Pebbles has a very friendly disposition and is super energetic! The two of them ran around the house together and then went outside and ran back and forth the whole length of our backyard over and over again! Theo is smaller than Pebbles and doesn’t have quite the stride and energy; but he did his best to try and keep up! He was SO excited to have a visitor! It was a challenge to get them both to settle down afterwards, but we managed. 


In the afternoon, my husband took him for his second grooming. He did really well once again. I love it when he is groomed—his hair (hair, not fur—he doesn’t shed) feels (and has a nap) like velvet! Below is a photo I took of him shortly after he came home. It is one of my favourite photos I have taken of him so far—I just love the expression on his face! Miniature Schnauzers, including Theo, can look grumpy but here you can see his lovable, sweet self in the expression on his face.


One of the best toys I ever bought Theo was a beehive with bees you can tuck inside. As he has grown older, he has been using the toy in a different way. At first, the challenge was to pull the bees out of the hive. As a burrower, he loved to push his snout into the holes of the beehive and grab the bees with his teeth! Once he mastered that, he liked to play with the bees loose, including walking around with them in his mouth and occasionally causing them to squeak. Now his favourite thing to do is to push his snout into the empty hive and toss it into the air. He will do this over and over again!


Theo and I have this little thing we do together. I noticed that when he was first learning to socialize with other dogs, he would touch noses with them. So about once a day, especially when we have been apart, I pick him up and quickly touch noses with him. Sometimes he initiates it. It’s our way of connecting emotionally and physically in a way that is just for the two of us. 

When Theo is sleepy, he loves to have his chest rubbed. This past week he has been resting or napping right beside or on even on my lap. Prior to this, he always seemed to want his own space. I can feel that something has shifted between the two of us these last few days. Our love for each other is growing and we are getting closer and closer every day. This is big for someone who has never owned a pet before!

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