Another challenging week! Although things have been progressing well with training our new puppy—he is continuing to grow and learn—I am finding that it is tough to adjust to no longer having the freedom I’ve been used to ever since my youngest moved out of our home. 

Part of the difficulty is that I have never owned a puppy beforeit’s a steep learning curve! What definitely isn’t helping is that I am going through a bout of insomnia. (Once I’ve had one sleepless night, it takes me a while to get back on track.) Part of that sleeplessness might come from having my routine disrupted: I need a lot of down time in the evenings in order to sleep soundly. If I’m not spending time with the puppy then I am discussing the puppy with my husband! Finally, I am generally more wakeful knowing that first thing in the morning I have another little one to take care of; the days of sleeping in are over (for now)! 

I am slowly learning to ease my frustration of not being able to put in a full day’s work at home. I was very stressed out about not being as fully prepared for the official launch of  my new book, When Sleeping Birds Fly: 365 Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom, as I would have liked. Plus I wanted to do a good job for the accompanying TV/radio interviews; which are stressful enough as it is! I am grateful that my husband decided to take time off work the day of my interviews to give me the space I needed to gather myself together. 

Hurray! The interviews went well: really well! (You can view my interview with CTV Saskatoon's Jeff Rogstad here.) It’s amazing how well we can do when we don’t overthink things. In addition, I was pleased with my launch—friends came to support me, and I met some really great new people. Plus the kids had lots of fun with the hands-on activities. I am very grateful for the support of Wild Birds Unlimited on 8th Street in Saskatoon, who had offered to host the event. 

Despite a sleepless night the night before I wrote this (thankfully offset by a long nap during the afternoon) there are moments when things are starting to feel almost normal again. I am determined to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. While sleeplessness has made me clumsy and forgetful—I dropped salad all over the floor one time, and accidentally left my puppy's food out of the refrigerator another time—my husband has shown grace, and encouraged me to laugh and relax. I am grateful that my puppy goes without fuss into his crate for two ~two-hour periods a day. My love for him is growing, and my husband and I have been working better as a team than probably at any other time in our lives. And I am doing my best to heed my local pet food storeowner’s advice to not stress out and figure out how to fit him into our life instead of the other way around. 

I truly believe that God has a plan here for this little one in our lives. Maybe it’s about taking time to set aside my selfish wants and being willing to serve. Maybe it’s about putting the brakes on a career that almost feels at times that it is careening too fast and/or off track. Maybe it’s about learning to work better with my husband. Maybe it’s about a new way to connect with my son and his wife (who have their own dog and are giving us advice). 

Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the reason(s), there is no denying that Theo is now an integral part of our lives and things will never be the same. Welcome to our family! 

Introducing: Theo. Theo is a Miniature Schnauzer; this photo was taken when he was about 12 weeks.


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