When I tell people that I am finding owning a puppy really exhausting, there are basically two different responses: 1) (head nods in understanding and agreement); and 2) “Why?” 

Most people agree that having a new puppy in the home is like having a new baby/toddler. Maybe those people who say “Why” never had, or never were the primary caregiver of, a baby; or they may have forgotten how time-consuming and exhausting it is to have a baby/toddler. All I know is that when I had a baby, I was in my 20s. Now I’m older. Much older. Enough said. 

Not a week goes by that my husband and I don’t re-consider our decision. I have already had one painful, stress-related health problem (ulcers on my tongue) with at least one more flaring up since Theo’s arrival. And did I say previously (of course I have) that I am barely making any income right now because I can’t get any work done? And I just know things are going to get worse before they get better, because we are about to enter the teething season. 


I love that when I walk Theo around the block, he is a people magnet. I have met more neighbours new-to-me in the last week than I have met in the last 10 years. I love that. 

I love the way his blue, blue eyes lock onto mine. Especially when he tilts his head. It’s like he’s studying me. 

I love that he’s really smart. And fast. And trainable. I think we might have a lot of fun with him doing tricks and running obstacle courses when he’s a little older. 

I love the little mewing noises he makes when he is really sleepy, just before I put down for a nap. 

I love his little doggy smell (even though I swore I’d never let a dog up on my couch which now smells—a bit—like him too). 

I love his incredibly soft fur and how he looks like a baby bear and a teddy bear all rolled into one. 

I love how his whole body literally vibrates with excitement when he sees me first thing in the morning. 

I love his persistence (although that can be exasperating too). 

I love that he is developing his own, unique personality. He is one of God’s special creations. 

All I know is that, if I keep telling myself all the things I love about him, it might make up for the exhaustion and stress. 

In fact, I’m betting on it. 


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