The butterfly starts its life as a tiny egg, about the size of a dewdrop, usually found on the underside of a leaf. The egg splits open, and a caterpillar crawls out. Its first food is its eggshell.
Caterpillars are very hungry. They start to eat leaves. And eat and eat.
As the caterpillar grows, its skin splits open because it can no longer contain the growing body. This happens at least four times during the life of the caterpillar.
When it is done growing, the caterpillar spits up a sticky blob on a tree branch or other object, sticks to it, and hangs upside down. It molts one last time, forming a chrysalis (or sack) around itself.

For the period of time that the caterpillar is in the chrysalis, a remarkable transformation happens. A butterfly, which looks much more beautiful than the caterpillar, is being formed. The closer the time comes for the butterfly to emerge, the more transparent the sac becomes.
The butterfly must emerge on its own without any interference. At first, it is too weak to fly. It holds on to its chrysalis, pumping fluid into its wings. As the wings begin to dry in the sun, the butterfly gets stronger. Soon it will fly, and the whole cycle will begin again.
Although the butterfly is never mentioned by name in Scripture, its unique life cycle carries a deep meaning for Christian believers.  The butterfly is often associated with both
transformation and resurrection, and both of these are important aspects of the term I coined, butterfly’d. (I will go into more detail about transformation and resurrection in future posts.)

But for now, I want to take this to a more personal level.
There are times in our lives—perhaps for some, throughout our lives—when we feel that we are not fulfilling our potential or exercising our God-given gifts; that life is or has become the dreary, persistent, steady eating of leaves (like a caterpillar). What we long for is a
metamorphosis, where we can start fresh and finally achieve our dreams: to break out of our cocoon and fly away with our beautiful butterfly wings.

That’s what
butterfly’d means at its core: to burst forth from the caterpillar life to the brilliant beauty of the butterfly.

That’s what this blog is all about. It is part testimony, part inspiration, part encouragement, and part practical advice on how to reach your full potential to God’s glory.
I would love it if you would join me on this journey.  


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