Over the last few months, my writing ministry has taken me in a direction that in one sense is unexpected and in another makes perfect sense: to write for, and raise awareness about writing for, social justice and change. I believe that we as writers have incredible potential and power in our hands to educate and influence for the betterment of society beyond sharing the gospel. 

I am so excited that this coming summer I will be leading a workshop for elementary-aged children on that very topic. Raising awareness about a range of topics related to this theme with kids as young as 7 will, God willing, impact them throughout their lives. 

I am also seeing myself becoming more outspoken as I continue to advocate for groups on the "fringes," specifically in this season of my life, for kids and young adults on the autism spectrum. Advocacy is a primary reason I wrote my children's book The Two Trees, available to purchase on my website (click here). From April to September 2016 I am donating $5 from the sale of EVERY The Two Trees to an autism organization. 

I was delighted this past week to be interviewed by Ron Hughes (HopeStreamRadio) as well as write a guest post for Lynne Collier (author and Kingdom purpose coach). Both interviews clearly address how advocating for others can be part of our own ministry. 

If the idea of writing and speaking for social justice and change resonates with you, I would love it if you would take the time to listen/read about how advocating for those on the autism spectrum has taken my ministry to a new level. 

Both pieces are short. Here are the links: 

Ron Hughes interview on HopeStreamRadio:


Guest blog post on Lynn Collier's website:


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