When I walked into a recording studio for the first time in 2011 with a single song, I had no idea that I had just taken a step that would change my life. I was so inspired by having the opportunity to work with another musician, let alone one who was such a creative genius, that I ended up writing and recording a whole album of songs (my debut CD Turn the Page). It was an incredibly exciting experience. So it’s no wonder that one of the first songs I wrote for my album was full of joy, anticipation, and gratefulness for what the Lord had made possible. 
I can’t help but see a parallel between this burst of creativity and what it must feel like for a butterfly—if it had the emotions of a human—to fly for the very first time. This was definitely one of the times in my life that, after being sequestered away for years (like in a cocoon), I opened my wings, took a deep breath, and jumped. 
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As an added bonus, here are the lyrics for my song “Written On His Hand.” 
I open the door with anticipation 
My eyes flutter wide with the revelation 
There’s nothing more beautiful than the rising Son. 
I put senseless worries far behind me 
I build up my dreams on the road before me 
Creating a home in my heart for my only One. 
This life is sweetly complicated 
Your love brings grace and peace of mind 
I know that I’m forever grateful 
I’ll never leave this precious love behind. 
I quietly walk through the fields of forgiveness 
Flowing with streams from a place that’s glorious 
Knowing without a doubt that freedom is mine. 
I joyfully run, trailing light in the darkness 
Reflecting the brilliance of His goodness 
Awaiting the coming return of the Holy One. 
Your love is unfailing and abounding 
This life is fleeting but sublime 
I know that I’m forever grateful 
I’ll never leave this precious love behind. 
All I am and meant to be, can’t believe this love’s for me! 
All I am and meant to be, can’t believe this love’s for me! 
I stand at the gate with anticipation 
My heart starts to pound with the revelation 
I know that my name is written on His hand. 

© 2012 Sally Meadows 

By the way, the concept and title for the song was based on this passage in Isaiah 49:16: 

“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…” 

You can purchase my full CD (digital or hard copy) Turn the Page here: http://sallymeadows.com/music or http://sallymeadows.com/store.


Turn the Page CD by Sally Meadows

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