The butterfly cycle starts with the laying of eggs by an adult butterfly. Depending on the species of butterfly, one, two, or a cluster of eggs is laid. Most typically, eggs are deposited on the underside of new leaves so that the eggs are protected from enemies and the elements, and have ready access to nutrition when the caterpillar emerges.
The life cycle of the ladybug is very similar to that of the butterfly. The ladybug typically lays clusters of eggs on the underside of leaves. Larvae emerge, which is followed by the pupae (cocoon) and adult ladybug stages.
Which leads me to this story.
As I was leaving for my daily walk one lovely mid-August day, I noticed a ladybug starting to lay eggs on a metal stake—part of our watering system—on our front lawn. Looking back, I wish I had captured this precious miracle of life at the moment it was happening. Instead, I went ahead with my walk, chastising myself all the way for not documenting on film the two life cycles together.
When I returned from my walk, the ladybug was no longer in sight, but she did leave this amazing cluster of eggs. I grabbed my camera and was delighted to take a photo that turned out reasonably well given I didn’t have a macro lens.

As the day progressed, I occasionally went out and checked on the eggs. I wondered why the ladybug laid the eggs in this rather odd location, knowing that their best chance for survival would be on the underside of a leaf. And as the temperature rose, what I feared would happen, did; the eggs, exposed to the elements and super-heated by the metal stake they were laid on, eventually dried up into a mere whisper of what they were. It all felt so tragic!
When God gives us a wonderful opportunity to spread our wings and fly, it is important that we lay our own eggs in a place that is both protected and fruitful. It is critical that we neither go ahead of God nor be willful with our choices because He is the one who knows what will benefit us the most as His children. Otherwise, our best-laid plans will dry up and wither, just like ladybug eggs planted on a metal stake.
We must learn to bring our ideas and our dreams to the Lord first. He wants us to be successful and He wants the art that we offer to the world to make the impact that it deserves, to His glory. Like the perpetual nature of the ladybug and butterfly cycles, He wants our ministry to expand and prosper, and have impact on future generations.

But we must start by laying our eggs in the right place.

Reflection questions: Have you ever “laid eggs” in an unfruitful place? What did you learn by the experience? What steps will you take to ensure that the eggs you lay in the future will be both protected and fruitful?


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