Today I am taking a break from my blog “Prairie Girl Goes Coastal” to share in a wonderful virtual event happening this November. 


The Gifts of Good Words Blog Hop takes place from November 4-18, 2020. Through it you can find quality Canadian Christian books for yourself and/or those on your Christmas list. Then, on November 18th, join the Good Words Virtual Book Fair on Facebook:

I am a participating author, and the book I am showcasing at this event is my children’s Christmas picture book Beneath That Star. 


Beneath That Star is my second children’s picture book and was a finalist for the USA’s Best Book Awards in the Children’s Religious Fiction category. It is based on a song I wrote in 2013 that ended up as the first track on my national award-nominated Christmas CD Red & White. I got the idea to write the book when I was in the studio recording my CD. 

As a special gift to you during this event, you can download this track free of charge by clicking here and scrolling down to the first song under Red & White.

Click here to see the music video for Beneath That Star.

If you'd like to purchase the entire CD, click here (digital version, hard copy) or here  (hard copy) to order! 

Beneath That Star is about a young girl named Saray who longs to be a shepherd just like her three older brothers. When God speaks to her in a dream to look out for and follow the bright star, what she finds underneath it is of far greater value than anything she could ever have imagined. 

Beneath That Star is an uplifting story for all ages about obedience, patience, trust, healing, and above all, God immeasurable love for each one of us. 

Here’s what award-winning, best-selling Canadian author Marion Mutala said about the book: 

Beneath That Star is a young girl’s compelling search to seek a different path than the traditional journey laid out for women of her time. Along the way, Saray discovers the truth and real gift of life. Sally Meadows has written a relevant, metaphorical, imaginative story to capture our hearts.” 

The book includes a page of content/reflective questions for families and/or classrooms to discuss, as well as an Author’s Note that gives more detailed information about how the song and story came to be, the significance of the name “Saray,” and details about what I imagined Saray’s life would be like when she grew up. 

In the end, Saray’s story is really the story of each one of us who chooses to follow Christ. Saray believed. She listened. She obeyed. She had uncertainty. Her journey was not easy. But when she finally came to meet Jesus face-to-face beneath that star, she was healed by the power of the living God and promised a future that was more amazing than she had ever dreamed. 

The book is dedicated to my mother, who longed to be a shepherdess…and instead became a shepherd of people. 

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  • Eunice Cooper-Matchett
    Eunice Cooper-Matchett Drayton Valley, Alberta
    Your book as well as its story sound fascinating. I will be adding it to my collection.

    Your book as well as its story sound fascinating. I will be adding it to my collection.

  • Sally Meadows
    Sally Meadows
    Thanks, Eunice! Blessings to you.

    Thanks, Eunice! Blessings to you.

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