1. The tongue-eating isopod (a crustacean) eats a fish’s tongue and then becomes the fish’s tongue, feeding on the food the fish catches. 

2. While mating, the male anglerfish grabs onto the much larger female with his mouth, hangs on, and gradually fuses with her body. All his body parts disintegrate except those needed to fertilize her eggs. 

3. A sea cucumber breathes through its rear end. When it takes a breath, a pearlfish swims inside and makes itself at home for the day. 

4. The Atlantic bluefin tuna pulls its fins into slots on its body so it can move faster through the water. 

5. A young smooth fan lobster hitches a ride on a moon jellyfish and eats it as they travel around together. 

6. The ribbon eel starts out life as a black-and-yellow male and when it reaches a certain size it changes into a yellow egg-laying female. 

7. Some species of sea urchins protect themselves from the sun by covering themselves with bits of coral and algae. 

8. The tongue of a blue whale is about as heavy as an Asian elephant. 

9. Boxer crabs carry stinging sea anemones in their claws for protection from predators. 

10. When the veined octopus senses danger, it climbs inside a coconut shell half that’s been discarded into the ocean, and pulls another half on top. 

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