Hot on the heels of my recent national writing award shortlist for my trivia book When Sleeping Birds Fly: 365 Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom comes the second book in the series, When Crocodiles Cry: 365 MORE Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom, releasing September 2019. With new categories and a whole new slate of facts that are even more jaw dropping than the first 365, When Crocodiles Cry promises to amaze, amuse, and awe even reluctant readers. 

Geared to middle-years students, but as popular with adults, When Crocodiles Cry is the culmination of many hours of research to find the most amazing, obscure, and unbelievable facts about the animal kingdom I could. 

As with When Sleeping Birds Fly, readers will be able to download FREE extension activity sheets to accompany the book at Extension activity sheets go live this summer. 

Here are a few endorsements about When Crocodiles Cry

“What an incredible collection of intriguing, obscure animal facts! Middle-years students will enjoy this information, voiced in vivid and entertaining ways. It will enhance anyone's interest in, and understanding of, the animal world." 

- Alison Lohans, award-winning author of 27 books for young people 

“Be prepared to be dazzled with fascinating and fun facts about the animal kingdom. Have your curiosity sparked, and your funny bone tickled by this delightful second collection gathered from Sally Meadows’ remarkable research. These intriguing details are sure to impress even the keenest mind.” 

- Judith Silverthorne, award-winning author 

“I live in a world where it’s too easy to forget that nature is always out there waiting to be discovered. When Crocodiles Cry is just what we need to remind us how surprising and awesome the animal kingdom is. Sally Meadows’ book left me saying, ‘Wow!’” 

- Brenda Baker, award-winning author and children’s entertainer 

Right now you can pre-order When Crocodiles Cry by clicking here. You will receive your copy before it hits the stores, and as a bonus, all pre-orders will include a special nature-related gift exclusive to Sally Meadows Music & Books. 

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Here are a few fun facts from When Crocodiles Cry


Fact #96: The body of a caterpillar actually dissolves in its chrysalis during metamorphosis. Then it re-forms into a beautiful butterfly. 


Fact #196: Cows have best friends they stick with for most of their lives. 


Fact #236: When the razor sharp jaws of a leafcutter ant start to dull with age, it flips its job from cutting leaves to carrying leaves cut by the younger ants. 


Fact #328: Slave-making ants steal the young from nests of other ants and raise them as slaves. 


Pre-order When Crocodiles Cry: 365 MORE Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom by clicking here

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FINALLY, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the cover reveal! I would be happy to hear your feedback in the comments below. Enjoy!   



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