I am excited to reveal the cover of my next book, When Sleeping Birds Fly: 365 Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom!

First, I’d like to share a brief background to this process. 

In the summer of 2017, I approached Siretona Creative (a Calgary hybrid publisher) about the possibility of publishing this book. I had worked previously with their talented team when I oversaw the publication of my national writing group’s (InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship’s) anthology Christmas: Stories & More. I knew that an eye-catching cover was critical to my book, and had no doubts that they would be up to the task. 

With an incredibly busy fall, I had to put the project on hold until 2018. Exercising due diligence, I investigated other publishing options early in the year as I continued to refine/edit my manuscript. In the end, I felt a confirmation that Siretona was my best choice for this particular publication. 

I requested that the designer take the following into consideration when creating the design. It is helpful to articulate your vision rather than having a designer have to take a stab in the dark. 

1) It had to be appealing to middle years students 
2) It had to be appealing to adults as purchasers 
3) It had to have the bird species that I refer to in the title on the cover 
4) I had a preference for vibrant colours and a clean, modern look. 

As per the contract, the designer came back with three different cover options. All of them were lovely. I had a gut feeling as to which one I preferred immediately, but I decided to get some feedback from my readers and fellow authors. So I shared the three options on Facebook. 

Opinions varied widely and wildly. There were votes for each design, although in retrospect, I am pretty sure that some opinions were extended without carefully reading who the target audience was. The cover that received the most votes was the same one that was my favourite. So I knew I was on the right track. 

I made notes on every single comment, and made up a summary for the designer to review for this project as well as future ones. We eliminated one of the designs, then looked at how we could modify the remaining two designs to incorporate the comments, including a version that amalgamated the best elements of the two designs together. When that didn’t work, I returned to my favourite cover and we fine-tuned it (including changing the font and colour of the main title) based on the comments we received in concert with my own and the designer’s tweaking suggestions. 

I am really pleased with the final product (see below) and I do think it is eye catching. It also reflects the content—fun and amazing facts—perfectly. I think when someone sees it on the shelf—youth or adult—they will be drawn to find out more. Which is exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. 

I’d love for you to share your comments on the cover below. 

The book releases officially on July 6, 2018. You can pre-order it now at retail price $12.99, and as a special pre-order gift, you will also receive a greeting card with my own original wildlife photography (retail value $6). Offer is in effect until the release date. 

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