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Sally Meadows is an award-winning, multi-award-nominated author, recording artist, and speaker from Saskatchewan, Canada. Sally writes children's books, short stories for adults, informational articles, and inspirational songs. Her work has been shortlisted five times for The Word Awards, Canada's largest and most prestigious awards for Christian writers. Her children's picture book The Two Trees was also considered for the 2015 Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award (USA). Sally is also passionate about photography, incorporating many of her photos into videos and a range of retail products including greeting cards and calendars.

Sally travels all around her home province (and beyond) speaking to elementary school children about autism and the importance of being a good friend in support of her book The Two Trees (see Speaking page). She passionately supports families that include a child on the autism spectrum.

Sally also delivers hands-on workshops to adults in various topics related to writing and songwriting (see Speaking page).


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One-Sheet for Sally Meadows Downloadable one-sheet for media 12 MB
Media Kit for Beneath That Star A downloadable document to support children's book "Beneath That Star" 1.71 MB
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Article "Meadows Shortlisted for National Award," by The Saskatchewan Bulletin (Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation newspaper). The article details the shortlisting of my book The Two Trees for a 2016 "The Word Awards" and gives information about my school presentations in support of The Two Trees.

Radio interview with author/radio host Ron Hughes (Ontario, Canada). The interview focuses on my children's picture book The Two Trees. 

Blog interview with author Lynne Collier (Ontario, Canada). This Q & A session focusses on Kingdom purpose" and gives details about the author reading program I do (which includes a discussion and hands-on activities as well as the reading) with my book The Two Trees. You can read this interview here: 

Blog interview with author/editor Debra Butterfield. This Q & A session, called "Fiction With Purpose" answers questions about my book The Two Trees and addresses topics such as my journey to the publication of my book, what motivates me to write, and my marketing strategy. You can read this interview here:


Radio interview with Robert White, host of Arts Connection, Faith FM 94.3 ( The interview focuses on my children's picture book Beneath That Star, based on a song I wrote for my Christmas CD Red & White.

Blog interview with Canadian author Kathleen Friesen. This interview focuses on my children's picture book Beneath That Star.

Radio interview with host and author Ron Hughes on HopeStreamRadio ( The interview focusses mainly on my children's Christmas book Beneath That Star.

Blog interview with author and podcaster Kimberley Payne's Books for Book Lovers Blog ( The piece focuses on my new children's picture book Beneath That Star.

Book Review in CM Magazine (The Manitoba Library Association) about my children's book The Two Trees


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