Life circumstances in 2018 prevented me from doing as much photography as I would have normally liked. Regardless, it was fun reviewing and reliving what we did and where we travelled this past year as I scrolled through my photos. 


Here are my 18 favourite wildlife photos of 2018.


#1 - Male house finch enjoying a treat in my backyard.



#2 - Red squirrel spotted on the Saskatoon Forestry Farm grounds. 



#3 - Bohemian waxwing spotted near a city storm pond.



#4 - Eared grebe spotted near Unity, Saskatchewan. 



#5 - Richardson’s ground squirrel peeking out of its burrow on the Saskatoon Zoo grounds.



#6 - Canada goose gosling in a pensive mood by a pond on the Saskatoon Zoo grounds.




#7 - Black-crowned night heron photographed at Porter Lake, Saskatchewan. 



#8 - Female Belted Kingfisher spotted in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba. 



#9 - Baby black bear walking solo near the north gate inside Riding Mountain National Park.



#10 - Hooded merganser chicks spotted in the town of Dauphin, Manitoba. 



#11 - Marbled godwit spotted at Porter Lake, Saskatchewan. 



#12 - Wilson’s snipe spotted at Big Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. 



#13 - Female juvenile (prairie) merlin spotted on a gravel road in rural Saskatchewan. (Note the locust it appears to have snagged under its claw.) 



#14 - Two Canada geese goslings having a conversation on the Saskatoon Zoo grounds. 



#15 - Juvenile black-crowned night heron spotted at a city storm pond. 



#16 - Female mule deer spotted along Highway 41 north of Saskatoon. 



#17 - American avocet pair spotted at Porter Lake, Saskatchewan. 



#18 - Breeding phase adult sanderling spotted at Porter Lake, Saskatchewan.



Please let me know if I have misidentified any of the species above! 

Please comment below which one is YOUR favourite!!!!

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